“Coroană de trandafiri” (Crown of roses) in prestigious Gramophone Magazine

Digipack_desfasurare [Converted]The carol Coroană de trandafiri (Crown of roses) arranged and orchestrated by Cristian Lolea received a laudatory comment in “Gramophone Magazine”, in a beautiful review of Angela Gheorghiu’s album O, ce veste minunată!

[…] Lolea has made an especially haunting version of ‘Coroana de trandafiri’, a carol about Mary sitting at a window waving an object that transpires as barbed wire: the crown of thorns that will be placed on Christ’s head before the crucifixion. The original carol arose in two versions, one for a chorus and one for pan pipes. Here both versions are combined and performed for the first time with a solo soprano, and the effect is touchingly affecting, with the modal pan pipes of long ago ingeniously suggested by a solo violin and Angela Gheorghiu’s evocative emotive inflections painting a spiritual landscape with heartrending pathos.[…]

You can read the entire review on Gramophone website.


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