Cristian Lolea is a prolific composer who has the ability to successfully span very different musical areas from avant-garde classical music to film and pop-rock.

His contemporary classical works have been performed across Europe and America, and have been awarded prizes in numerous national and international competitions, such as “The Roads of Romanticism” (1st Prize, 2007) and the “George Enescu International Composition Competition” (Special Prize, 2009). His music has also been presented in renowned international festivals such as the Warsaw Autumn, the George Enescu Festival and the World Music Days.

Cristian Lolea won the Gopo Award for Best Original Music Score (in 2008, for An Angel Hooked on Me) and the Romanian Filmmakers Union Award (in 2016, for Carmen, and in 2017, for Orizont). He scores dramas, comedies and documentaries with the same ease and pleasure.

In the realm of pop music, from 2000 to 2001, Cristian Lolea was member of the ionescu’ pop-rock band. In 2000, the single România de vânzare (“Romania For Sale”) was rated number one for three consecutive weeks in the MCM Romanian Top Ten.

Cristian Lolea is also a prolific orchestrator and arranger, orchestrating many classical, pop, and rock works. He has been commissioned to orchestrate and arrange for orchestras such as the New England String Ensemble and soloists such as Angela Gheorghiu.

Since 2011 he lives and works in Warsaw, Poland.